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My one days effort may save 10 persons life from Tuberculosis | Nepal Anti-Tuberculosis Association

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My one days effort may save 10 persons life from Tuberculosis

Ms. Ganga Shakya, 15 years girl studying in Sanjiwani Model Higher Secondary School, Kavre District. She knows that Tuberculosis is transferring and fatal disease those who have malnutrient, hard workers and smokers but she does not know that it may cause due to poverty and illiterate about that. She is ready to attend any programme hold by Junior NATA after she has made member on its committee. Now a day, she always visits to neibhouring and sharing her ideas to young and old people about the chances of TB infection, control, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. According to she, her Junior NATA groups has taken 3 times orientation programme for junior students and parents after got 2 days trainers training at her school. She also expressed that Junior NATA wants to make awareness campaign over the Kavre District. That may increase TB case find rate, treatment success rate and decreasing its mortality as well as morbidity. For this task, her parents always inspire to be made her social health worker for community and to be named good person forever. She was very pleased to take part on Anti-Tuberculosis Rally held by Junior NATA.

Nepal Anti-Tuberculosis Association
Kalimati, Kathmandu

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