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Orientation programme forced me to treat in Kathmandu | Nepal Anti-Tuberculosis Association

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Orientation programme forced me to treat in Kathmandu

Mr. Raj Timlasina, 22-year young student has been suffering from Tuberculosis for last 3 months. He is elder son out of 5 children for his parent. He is studying on Bachelor Degree in Education faculty at local campus in Sindhuli District. He surprised whilst diagnosed TB in order to not used smoking, did not live in cluster and TB infected people. He did not realize that one week fever and alternative cough without chest pain might have infected from TB. That’s why, he used to general medicine from local medical shop. He does not worry about treatment because he knew it can be completely recovered by using drugs for few months.

He also closed to familiar that TB is vital disease and keeps them separately from families and communities whether infection has been found in previous days. This type of events does not happen these days by result of programme like orientations, rallies, door to door programmes held by Sindhuli NATA Branch Office.

At fist, he checked him up at District Hospital with the advice of his mother Mrs. Pampha Devi Timlsina who is Female Community Health Volunteer (FCHV) in her community. She got opportunity to participate on orientation programme regarding TB diseases last year held by NATA Branch Office. She got information and knowledge about TB disease including sign and symptoms, processes of precaution and treatment.

Whatsoever, she sent him Kathmandu to do treatment 2nd times and he has admitted for 2 weeks in Kalimati Chest Hospital.

Now days, he is feeling quite better than last week and expressed his feeling to NATA’s Programme Director to involve him any programme will be held in Sindhuli as social mobilizer against TB control programme in coming days. Unless otherwise remaining his endeavour, he likes to attend every awareness campaign to eradicate TB from his areas and moves to advocate its precaution in vulnerable risk groups in remote areas of Sindhuli District. At last, he thanks to NATA members and all staff of Kalimati Chest Hospital to save him from chronic disease.

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