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Nepal Anti-Tuberculosis Association (NATA) is a non-governmental, non-profit making voluntary organization established in 1953 with a view to raising public awareness about tuberculosis (TB) and adopting preventive, promative and curative measures towards the control of the diseases. It is the first organization of the kind engaged in tuberculosis sector.

NATA is affiliated to International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (IUATLD) and Social Welfare Council (SWC), Nepal. It has 37 district branches in different parts of Nepal and has been carrying out its activities in co-operation with various national, international and local organizations.

NATA has been working together with Government of Nepal (GoN) in implementing tuberculosis project since 1965. It has been playing an active role in controlling TB to the best of its preventive activities and making its curative services more effective according to GoN’s new policies and practices on DOTS programme through mobilization of its district branches and volunteers.

NATA has been making endeavours to attain its goal of controlling the disease despite various constrains since its establishment. The service are being rendered, thanks to the generous support from various national international organizations, agencies and individuals.

NATA with the support of Global Fund Tuberculosis Control project is implementing DR TB management program at Kathmandu and Morang district.


The NATA dedicated to TB control is one of the biggest national voluntary organizations in Nepal. Its objectives are:

  •  To study the problems of TB in Nepal and adopt various measures (preventive and curative) for the control of diseases.
  •  To help the patients of Tuberculosis and Lungs disease in all possible ways.
  •  To generate public awareness about the menace of TB through various publicity campaigns.
  •  To make facilities accessible to TB patients.
  •  To conduct study and research activities on scientific and social aspects of TB.
  •  To coordinate with the Government’s Tuberculosis Control Programme to fight against Tuberculosis in Nepal.
  • To organize awareness program about TB and other chest related diseases through members of Junior NATA and social mobilizers.
  •  To seek friendly cooperation and mutual exchange of ideas among various institutions, associations and organizations devoted to anti- TB work all over the world.


TB free Nepal.


Promote health of people ensuring quality service and rights to prevent and cure TB and other infectious diseases related to lungs and HIV.


To reduce mortality, morbidity and transmission of TB until it is no longer a public health problem.


Nepal Anti-Tuberculosis Association
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